Enhance Hotel Experiences with POS and PMS Integrated

See what data sharing can do for your operations and for customer satisfaction.

Ensuring that your guests have a seamless and enjoyable experience isn’t always easy. However, there are ways to remove potential roadblocks to that experience, like integrating two of your most powerful tools: your property management system (PMS) and point of sale (POS) system.

Benefits of PMS-POS Integration

Property management systems like OPERA, Stayntouch, or roomMaster are the lifeblood of front-desk and back-office room operations, helping to manage reservation availability, check-in and check-out, housekeeping management, and more. The POS system, on the other hand, manages all front and back-office aspects of sales, such as all property dining experiences. These two solutions, when integrated seamlessly, equip hospitality establishments with the tools to run day-to-day operations, and help to ensure that every guest is able to enjoy their stay without any knowledge that these systems even exist.

When kept separate, the PMS and POS provide necessary functionality, but they also create organizational silos that keep data separate, and thus set up potential roadblocks to the seamless guest experience. However, when they are integrated, they create a valuable data stream that helps you improve accuracy, prevent losses, and ultimately deliver winning hotel experiences. For example:

Streamlined Guest Interactions

PMS-POS integration enhances your guests’ hotel experiences by automating communication with on-site establishments, ensuring accuracy, and allowing the guest to flow happily through their experiences on your property. If a guest wants to place a food and drink order at the hotel restaurant, pool, or casino, they can easily communicate it via a mobile device, or order with hotel staff, and charge it to their room. The order is automatically sent to the kitchen queue, ensuring accuracy, since no re-keying by a concierge is required, and delivered directly to where your guest wishes it to be.

Additionally, QR codes can be incorporated into in-room signage, further streamlining guest interactions with dining services. Guests can simply scan the code with their mobile device to charge an order to their room, or make a dining reservation.

Frictionless Payments

Seamless PMS and POS integration offers your guests the exact sort of transaction they want – effortless. The ability to make accurate charges to their rooms with ease means that guests are not limited to the cash on hand, nor do they have to carry a credit card, wallet, or purse. This, in turn, opens up your entire property to each and every guest’s wants and needs. No matter where they are, your amenities will be there as well.

Improved Hotel Operations

Integrated systems share data automatically, eliminating repetitive, time-consuming tasks. For example, there is no need to re-key orders or take orders over the phone, and therefore, no chance of an error. Additionally, there are no embarrassing conversations between guests and the concierge related to incorrect orders. PMS-POS integration also gives hotel staff real-time information at their fingertips to enhance hotel experiences for their guests by providing the accurate information on orders, charges, and reservations they need in an instant.

Centralized Data Repository

The data from integrated PMS and POS systems will give you deeper insights that you can use to:

● Personalize experiences

● Identify trends

● Adapt to meet evolving demands

● Refine services to match guest preferences

● Deliver tailored offers and promotions

Better Employee Experiences

Your hotel staff may be covering extra responsibilities during a labor shortage while still working toward a high standard for customer service. Automating processes with PMS and POS integration will save time, minimize errors and rework, and allow them to provide the hotel experiences that guests want and expect, with much less stress.

Let’s Talk Tabit

Implementing a two-way integrated system that shares real-time data between your PMS and POS is key for the efficiency, data sharing, and streamlined processes critical for enhancing hotel experiences. Tabit is the bridge that helps you build a winning hotel ecosystem for both your guests and your employees. Let’s start a conversation.